Grow your congregation beyond your four walls

CLAP is real-time video streaming with amazing interactivity.
Join our mission to help build a platform as big as YouTube for the Kingdom. 
If a 15-year old gamer can have a million subscribers, then so can your church.


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"You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden."

Matthew 5:14 (MEV)

Increase, Engage and Excite



INCREASE New Members

Make inviting others to church easy for your congregation. Make attending your Church easily accessible to all.


ENGAGE Existing Members

Let the voice of your people be heard. Actively engage them during the service, and keep them engaged after the service.


EXCITE Young Members

Let them interact with your message as well as with each other using technology with which they are most comfortable.

Instant member check-in and automated friend invite to join them at your Church. Live!

Empower your congregation to spread the news the way they know best.

We need to do Church together

Technology can be used to join us or isolate us

Going to Church is not just about the sermon. It's about the welcome area, about meeting new people, about feeling supported and about growing in your walk with Christ and with your local Church.

We help you expand this in-person experience to an online audience of millions.

CLAP takes your Church Online

Real-time Live Video Streaming.
In-person and Online Interactivity.

How many people actually watch Live Video?

The largest global surge in viewership (Conviva)


Video streaming will comprise over 80% of all internet traffic 

globally for the consumer by 2021 (Cisco).


Users watch Live Video 10 to 20 times longer

than on-demand video content. (Nielsen)


Over 5 billion Videos are viewed each day

on YouTube alone. (VideoNitch)


9 out of 10 users will share a Video

when watching on their mobile device. (Wordstream)                                 

How does CLAP work?

We've taken a complicated system and made it easy for everyone to use.


You Broadcast

Use our intuitive online platform to setup and stream your service. We provide recommended hardware to make everything plug and play. 


Members Scan In

Members in-person scan a QR code which takes them directly to the interactive session. Online members click a link to do the same.


That's It!

Everything is done automatically-  from copyright settings, to live Bible verses displayed on users screens. It even talks to the ProPresenter!

There is nothing like CLAP

Unlike other services, we are not just providing a streaming or interactive platform.
We are providing a central location for all Live Church services globally.
Think Twitch.TV or YouTube Live but for Church. 

Live Video StreamingYESYESYESYES
Ultra Low Cost <$20p/m TierYESYESNONO
Church Focused PlatformYESNOYESYES
Interactivity Online AttendeesYESNOYESYES
Real-Time Zero Latency <0.5sYESNONONO
Interactivity In-Person AttendeesYESNONONO
Encouragement Emojis to OfferingYESNONONO
Gamified Any-Time OfferingYESNONONO
Copyright Wizard In AppYESNONONO
Pro Presenter Integration YESNONONO
Individual Member Private InviteYESNONONO
Pastor/Presenter NotificationsYESNONONO
Online dual device interactivity YESNONONO
Engaging Interactive Shared NotesYESNONONO
Dynamic Content  Push NoticesYESNONONO
Easy-Read Scripture DeliveryYESNONONO
Easy-Read Lyric DeliveryYESNONONO

Put your Church in the cloud and reach millions with CLAP.


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Join us in building the largest platform for online church in the world. In 2020, live streaming is expected to account for over 80% of all internet traffic. 


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